LA Women In Music Spotlight Member

I am honored to be in Spotlight Member for Los Angeles Women in Music for the month of April 2011!

LAWiM is celebrating their 25th year. Check out the website!

ABOUT LAWiM: Established in 1986, Los Angeles Women in Music (LAWiM) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to fostering equal opportunity for women and men in the music industry and to promoting the advancement of women through empowerment, support, education, encouragement and recognition of their achievements. … As such, we provide forums and opportunities for emerging talents; pay tribute to women who have made distinctive and/or significant contributions to our musical culture; recognize those (individuals/organizations/entities) who have contributed to the betterment of women in music; provide educational programs and events at large; and give rise to social and civic issues in our local community through musical endeavors.

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