The Rona Tango: a Mini-Musical Medley Music Video

Directed by Jennifer Richardson

CSULB Theatre Arts presents The Rona Tango: A Mini-Musical Medley

Directed by Jennifer Richardson
Music Directed / Music Production by Kyle Puccia
Choreographed by Christopher Albrecht
Video Edited by Jennifer Richardson
Dance Captain: Julia Russell

CAST Abigail Toler, Elijah Cineas, Hannah Edel, Jackie Nisall, Jason Rivera, Kyomi Wong, Maryann Montalbo, Nini Cheng, Rhiannon Lewis, Rory Smith, Roxana Solis, Spencer Moore, Zach Liong

Director’s Note: This music video was devised by students during the COVID-19 pandemic Spring Semester of 2021. It was recorded by students on their own devices from California to Florida to Taiwan. The framing song is "Cellblock Tango” from Chicago. The theme is around the idea of isolation and reaching out of isolation with confessions -breaking free, finding power, finding peace, finding love, finding joy. Where isolation comes from prison cells in Chicago, for these students in this video, isolation comes from the individual realities of living in a pandemic. Some stories are imagined. The lenses through which we see these confessions are social media, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or metaphorical, like a bathroom stall mirror or an imagined confrontation with a couch.

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